Rhonde Island Malpractice Verdict

A jury in southwest Rhode Island returned a verdict of almost $1 million against the chief of surgery at South County Hospital in Washington County after a long 10 day trial.

The gist of the lawsuit was the care and treatment rendered in – of all things – a big toe surgery.

Plaintiff’s malpractice attorney won with the jury not only on negligence but on confirmed consent which is frequently a tough hill to climb.

Notwithstanding this verdict, the defendant may well be a fine doctor. But it is really weird to me that a podiatrist would become the chief of surgery. It is late, I’m tired, I keep going back to make sure I’m reading that right. Yep, I am. I’ve had issues raised as to whether a podiatrist is even qualified to testify in cases where the surgery was performed by an orthopedist.