Average Maryland Medical Malpractice Settlement and Verdict

The median medical malpractice jury award in Maryland, according to Jury Verdict Research, was $500,000 in 2003, the last year for which I could find data. Verdicts that year ranged from $54,521 to $7,708,064. One study indicates that the average award in Maryland malpractice claims (presumably claims that are reported to the national data bank) is $319,977, which is about what I would have predicted.

Studies in other jurisdictions give interesting data on median verdicts in other states: Florida – $1,257,386; Ohio – $850,000; New York – $1,100,000; Pennsylvania – $1,000,000; Texas – $880,000 (average, not median which makes a big difference) Indiana – $750,000; Missouri – $694,000; West Virginia – $1,100,000 (average) North Carolina – $500,000.

Keep in mind, these comparisons are out of context. The publication dates, in particular, vary wildly for the states I picked, and the methodology probably varies but I still think this provides an interesting means of comparison for medical malpractice lawyers.

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