Shortage of Maryland Doctors

The Baltimore Sun ran a story on Tuesday about the shortage of doctors in Maryland’s rural areas.

The problem rural areas have is that doctors cannot earn what they can in more urban areas. Historically, MedChi, the Maryland state medical society, has tried to wrap all of these problems up and place them at the feet of Maryland medical malpractice lawyers, which causes their malpractice insurance rates to be too high.

This was always beyond silly because rural areas have so few successful medical malpractice claims in Maryland and malpractice rates reflect this. Thankfully, this Baltimore Sun article is void of any claims that the root of the problem is medical malpractice lawyers. I’m not sure if the MedChi has just dropped pushing that angle or whether the Baltimore Sun just tuned them out when they tried to blame malpractice lawyers. Either way, it is a welcome development.,0,7434366.story