Plastic Surgery Verdict

Plastic surgery malpractice cases are extremely difficult to win not because malpractice in plastic surgery is rare but because it is incredibly difficult to prove. We have never taken a plastic surgery malpractice case and probably never will.

So credit is due to a New Jersey plaintiffs’ medical malpractice lawyer who won a jury verdict in an eye surgery case. The case involves a blepharoplasty, eyelid surgery that basically makes your eyes look younger.

Defendant’s medical malpractice lawyer showed the generosity of spirit for which malpractice defense lawyers are known, when he pointed out in a statement after the verdict that the woman had plastic surgery on 10 previous occasions. What exactly is this lawyer’s point? You just lost a case – a zero offer case, by the way. After getting beat, do you really have to go after the plaintiff? What exactly is the point that is made here? She had 10 good procedures so what is one bad one? She should not be getting more plastic surgery? Than why did this doctor agree to do it? Oh, who cares? The important thing was to try to publicly embarrass the Plaintiff. Well, then, mission accomplished.