Obama’s View on Malpractice Reform

President Obama’s mad dash for health care reform – which I think is a good thing – might lead him to take a position on medical malpractice reform that puts him in direct conflict with medical malpractice lawyers who have been major donors to President Obama and the Democratic Party.

Maryland malpractice lawyers already deal with malpractice cap (which I oppose) and thresholds to file malpractice lawsuits (which I largely support). I cannot imagine President Obama intends to put in more serious restrictions that we already have on medical malpractice lawsuits in Maryland. But the problem goes beyond just the immediate. If the president supports any curb on malpractice lawsuits, it lends legitimacy to those arguing for malpractice tort reform that they did not have before President Obama jumps off the ship, even if does not stray far from the boat.

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