Medical Error Reporting

This article underscores the abject failure of medical error reporting programs – and laws that require reporting – because no one is really trying to enforce the laws that exists in 27 states, including Maryland, requiring hospitals and other facilities to report serious medical malpractice.

Every once in a blue moon, a hospital does get caught. Last year, Doctors Community Hospital in Prince George’s County was fined $30,000 by Maryland health regulators after failing to notify them that a patient had died and that at least seven others suffered serious harm as a result of medical malpractice. But the practical reality is that a $30,000 fine is a drop in the bucket for a large hospital and the chances of getting caught covering up medical malpractice in Maryland are extremely low.

A I discussed yesterday, a process tort of failing to disclose or conceal would be a viable solution. But MedChi lobbyists are never going to let the Maryland legislature create a statute that creates a new tort and the “stare decisis is king” Maryland Court of Appeals is not likely to create a controversial new tort anytime soon.