Kind Words from a Client

Last week, Rod Gaston culminated a long fight for our clients by obtaining a $2.5 million verdict in a wrongful death medical malpractice case in Montgomery County.

I’m honestly more proud of this letter from the client (which I’m publishing with permission), than the verdict:

Dear Rod,
It has been one week since our unanimous jury verdict supporting our claim of wrongful death against the doctor who failed to treat my husband. We have all had time to catch our breath and reflect on the events of our six day medical malpractice trial. There are really not enough words of praise on your handling of our case. The usual questions of friends, “Do you have a good attorney?” were answered the first day of trial with your expert presentation of the facts in our case. The question was answered with, “We are very impressed with your attorney, you are in great hands.”

You showed the highest level of professionalism in your questions and cross examination of all of the witnesses. Your attention to details of medical records was amazing. Your graphic presentation of the facts was organized and simplified for the jury to understand the maze of medical data. You were quick on your feet without having to ask for the “courts indulgence” as did our opponent in citing the correct information. You knew the facts.

You found changes to the medical record and were able to reveal the lack of standard of care and true arrogance of the doctor and some of his witnesses who changed deposition testimony while testifying on the stand. Again you knew our case and readily pointed out deficiencies in our opposition’s arguments.

Most importantly, you truly cared to achieve justice for my husband and our family. No matter what the jury decided we knew we were doing the right thing in pursuing the truth that my husband did not have to die that day that way. The lack of care was evident to all of us at that time.The doctor refusing to send my husband to Johns Hopkins Hospital when a helicopter transfer had been established and only one call needed to be made by the doctor was unbelievable.

Refusing to make the call stating that my husband only needed one doctor and he would make the decision if my husband was to be transferred overrode my husband’s and my repeated requests for transfer seeing that the care was not being given. My husband begged for his life and was ignored.

Your presentation of our case and your handling of opening remarks, cross examination and closing remarks resulted in a unanimous jury verdict for us. Your advice to add the 2 alternate jurors to the original 6 was a risk worth taking to prove the soundness of our case in the eyes of the opposition. Your demeanor in the courtroom exuded trust, knowledge, and a firm command of telling the truth based on the facts and records of the case.

Your counseling of all of us was direct and based on your years of experience in medical malpractice law.
There are just not enough words to express our gratitude and the peace the jury verdict has brought to our family. You asked the jury to be the voice of Larry Dixon and for the community on the type of medical care we all want for ourselves and our families. Jury members as they left the courtroom told me they took those remarks to heart and said there were 8 families that will benefit from what they learned from our case.

A fitting legacy for a wonderful husband and father who should be alive today if he had received proper care.

Your excellent litigation brought justice for our husband and father. A resounding Thank You to you most of all and to your firm which exhibited the highest form of professionalism. We will never forget you and certainly would highly recommend you to anyone for medical malpractice suits.

K.D., Family and Friends