Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be DEA

DEA agents tell a Maryland doctor he can no longer prescribe medication. As they are leaving he shouts:

Your mothers wanted you to become physicians and because you didn’t, they are mad at you. So you are mad at physicians and are arresting all physicians in the area.

Later, things get weird and the doctor’s wife puts him in a full Nelson.
… I was pretty excited to make that joke (“Later,”) even though it is arguably lame. Then I would post to link suspending this doctor. It is definitely juicy. But, at some point, the Rubicon gets crossed as to what constitutes fair game. Hopefully, the guy gets the help he needs. If you are really that curious about it, that is what Google is for. This doctor is one of a number of doctors who were suspended in a single practice. I can’t image what life was like for the patients (and the employees) in that office.