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Medical Malpractice Round-up

  • “Angioplasty and stents may do more harm than good.”
  • An article in the New York Times magazine, written by a doctor, says addressing the issue of tired and overworked your physicians does not reduce medical errors HT: Overlawyered.
  • A new study says state medical boards are not doing such a great job protecting consumers from bad doctors.
  • A Pennsylvania woman has been awarded more than $2.2 million in her suit against the nursing home she said gave her late father poor care.
  • Victims of North Carolina’s old “eugenics board”–can you believe such a thing existed in the U.S.–are seeking compensation for forced sterilizations.
  • A Florida abortion doctor slapped with a $36 million malpractice verdict will not get a new trial. His case involved a woman who came to him for an abortion and, because of what a jury said last month was malpractice, ended up giving birth to a severely disabled girl.