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Medical Malpractice News

  • A doctor who cut off part of a patient’s cancer-ridden penis while the patient was under anesthesia for a circumcision has prevailed in the medical malpractice suit against him. Link via the always-provocative Legal Blog Watch.
  • An Ohio assisted living home has to pay $1.93 million to the family of a woman who eventually died after the home administered medicine for a disease she didn’t have.
  • A California lawyer is fighting that state’s medical malpractice cap.
  • Check out this illustrated guide to hospital hazards. It’s frightening and maddening.
  • “When Does a Reasonable Person Suspect Medical Malpractice?”
  • Kansas Star: “Maribeth Chase didn’t know that the neurosurgeon who would be operating on her had been sued at least 16 times for allegedly making medical mistakes.”