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Medical Malpractice News on Cyber Monday

  • There are already major safety issues with medical devices, so what do the venture capitalists who invest in device companies want to do? Make it easier to get devices approved.
  • The Delaware Supreme Court holds that a referring physician is not liable for malpractice committed by the doctor to whom he or she refers a patient.
  • Here’s a point in the case for choosing a female doctor.
  • Rick Perry’s medical malpractice “reform” in Texas did not solve the state’s serious shortage of doctors in some areas.
  • A federal judge in Illinois is letting a man proceed with his claim against emergency responders who forced “care” upon him after he refused medical treatment. His suit claims that paramedics “put their patient in a headlock, rammed his head 20 times into an ambulance wall and taped him up ‘like a mummy.’”
  • “A $9 million medical malpractice verdict in the case of an oil-field worker with a broken neck is thought to be the largest in Wyoming history.”