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Medical Malpractice News

Here are a few medical malpractice links/blog posts/stories I found of interest:

  • When doctors and hospitals don’t pay attention to recall notices and warnings, disaster can ensue.
  • An Alabama jury awarded $15 million in the case of a woman who died after a hospital administered an overdose of the anesthetic propofol.
  • Did the doctor’s malpractice lawyer impermissibly misstate the burden of proof in his closing argument?
  • Are there more nursing home cases in 2012? Or are people just talking about it more? I think it is like child molestation. It is not a new thing. People are more aware of the problem than they were 50 years ago. In fact, when it comes to nursing homes, I wonder if nursing home lawyers and greater public awareness has not led to better care. I can’t imagine being in a nursing home in 1950 was a joy.