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Medical Malpractice News

  • Malpractice lawyers: if you give your medical malpractice client the job of finding a doctor to serve as an expert witness in her case, then basically sit back and do nothing while the statute of limitations runs out, you will probably be called out by the state bar.
  • DC Medical Malpractice and Patient Safety Blog writes about ProPublica’s “effort to shine a cleansing light into the murky closets of Big Pharma.”
  • A British woman is suing her dentist for malpractice. He took out the wrong tooth, and then, when she realized it and told him, he took the tooth out of the trash, where it was sitting next to all sorts of medical waste, and re-implanted it.
  • A federal jury in Pennsylvania has awarded an ex-Marine $17.5 million. The man had dental surgery at a VA Hospital, during which his blood pressure dropped sharply several times. The doctor did not stop the procedure, though, and the patient suffered a stroke while driving home, crashing his car and leading to brain damage.
  • A Pennsylvania woman has been awarded $23 million in a case where a heath-care aide did not report a contaminated catheter, which led to an infection that necessitated a double leg amputation.
  • A Florida jury awarded $4.5 million in a wrongful-birth suit to the parents of a child born with no arms and one leg. These things happen with and without negligence. It is just so sad when something like this can be so easily avoided.