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Medical Malpractice Links

  • Medical malpractice is exposed in China. This underscores that while we have a very serious problem with medical malpractice in the United States, it pales in comparison to many countries. Of course, the fact that we have less medical malpractice in this country, relatively speaking, is not the lens with which we should be looking at our health care system. If the IOM is even close to right, there are just too many avoidable malpractice deaths a year.
  • Where is Obama’s head on medical malpractice reform? Honestly, I’m tired of trying to figure it out.
  • Illinois Medical Malpractice Blog writes about Rep. Bruce Braley’s view on malpractice caps (he’s opposed)
  • Minnesota ranks 50th in malpractice insurance premium costs. Oh, and Minnesota does not have malpractice caps. Instead, they have good doctors. There’s a plan.
  • I simply don’t understand health insurers’ antitrust exemption. I also don’t understand why the Wall Street Journal believes that antitrust laws are unnecessary unless proven otherwise. Didn’t we decide this issue of 100 years ago?
  • The Maryland Injury Lawyer has a blog post on University of Maryland Medical System v. Waldt.