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Medical Malpractice and Defensive Medicine

Overlawyered has a post today from the Happy Hospitalist on defensive medicine. You can find my thought in the comments of the Overlawyered post. The commenter Deoxy seems like a nice enough guy (I think guy, anyway) who believes what he believes. But he engages in the one practice that I hate when debating medical malpractice damage caps or other malpractice tort reform-related issues: everyone who does not agree with me is stupid and not looking at the issues. Because wherever you come out on this issue of medical malpractice tort reform, I can find someone smarter than you and me who does not agree with you.

By the way, this is ostensibly from a medical doctor. Which makes me wonder why all the advertisements and, in particular, the survey as to whether women hate sex. New rule: no more commenting on blogs that have advertisements and surveys like this.