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Malpractice Links

  • Maybe electronic records are not the cure-all.
  • The Wall Street Journal supports malpractice tort reform. But how many times and how many different ways do they need to repeat this over again? I get it; I get it. The Journal also hates poor people but they don’t feel compelled to repeat it incessantly. So why the ad nauseam on this? (What? They have never actually admitted that? Okay. Whatever.)
  • Missouri doctors are paying less in malpractice premiums. This is good because a lot of these doctors were struggling to make their beach house McMansion payments.
  • L.A Times letter to the editor on medical malpractice and workers’ compensation.
  • The Expert Witness Blog reports on a malpractice trial in progress in Washington.
  • More from the L.A. Times on medical malpractice tort reform.