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Johns Hopkins Reduces Medication Errors

Like every hospital, Johns Hopkins makes medication errors that cause people serious injuries. Unlike some other hospitals, Hopkins is vigorously fighting back. This is what makes them Johns Hopkins.

The Journal of Psychiatric Practice provides an article that details how the 88-bed psychiatric unit at Hopkins leaped from a medication error rate of 27.89 per 1,000 patient days in 2003 to 3.43 per 1,000 patient days in 2007. The study claims that there were no medication errors that caused serious injury during the study.

What did they do? They coupled electronic prescription drug ordering with computer reporting of adverse events which, obviously, reduced medication errors.

Arguably, this was a soft playing field because improper medication and/or dosing with psychotropic drugs rarely causes serious injuries. But a victory is a victory, and it is nice to see one of our local hospitals leading the charge on medication errors.