GOP Response to President Obama’s State of the Union

In the GOP response to President Obama’s state of the union address, Republicans went with Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell. I think he was a good choice, a blue-collar Republican with a strong appeal to conservative Democrats. We all remember Bobby Jindal’s creepy speech after President Obama’s joint session address last year (and this is coming for someone who has some admiration for Jindal).

Governor McDonnell made four points that got my attention: (1) Republicans will fight health care reform, (2) there should be limits on jury awards in medical malpractice lawsuits, (3) we are spending too much, and (4) insurance companies should be able to sell insurance coverage across state lines.

He was 2 for 4 with me. I do think our deficit/debt is completely out of control. I also think it might help control costs if we could expand health insurance coverage beyond state lines. The lack of quality competition in Maryland with Care First must increase costs and I have to think there are economies of scale to bigger. I’d like to hear more informed debate about some blind alleys I’m not considering, but this issue should be fully aired.

Actually, what I wrote above is misleading. McDonnell’s actual speech did not focus on malpractice damage caps, although he does support them. His focus was on frivolous lawsuits against doctors and hospitals. Turns out, I’m against those too. So he is 3-4 with me on the text of his speech.

While I’m babbling on about the Obama’s speech, which I thought was good, Justice Alito’s response to the President disagreeing with the Supreme Court was just incredibly interesting as was James Carville’s incredulous response on CNN to the suggestion that the President should not second guess the Supreme Court while they are in the room.