Dr. Midei Won’t Be Getting His Medical License Back

A Baltimore County judge Susan Souder has denied disgraced former St. Joseph Medical Center chief cardiologist Mark Midei’s quest to get his Maryland medical license back.

The State Board of Physicians revoked Midei’s license in July after the St. Joseph’s hospital scandal, concluding he had engaged in unprofessional conduct, willfully made a false medical report, grossly overutilized health care services, violated the standard of care and failed to keep adequate medical records.

Plaintiffs allege in these cases that they underwent cardiac catheterizations and given completely unnecessary coronary artery stents by Mark G. Midei, M.D. because you can make a lot of money putting in stents.  These charges are grave.  The plaintiffs specifically allege that this doctor and others resorted to fraud in order to induce the unsuspecting patient to get stent and angioplasty procedures so they could charge for unneeded services as well as medical supplies used during the procedures.  After the fact, there was also fraud in an effort to conceal that the procedures were contraindicated and not medically necessary.

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