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Doctors’ Salaries and Medical Malpractice

Forbes provides the top paying jobs in the United States. Here are the top 5:
1. Surgeons ($206,770)
2. Anesthesiologists ($197,570)
3. Orthodontists ($194,930)
4. Obstetrician and gynecologists ($192,780)
5. Oral and maxillofacial surgeons ($190,420)

The New York Personal Injury Law Blog also reports on this new Forbes data and my comments largely echo his. First, doctors should be making a lot of money a year. There is no more important profession. Second, when you say a doctor is paying X for medical malpractice coverage, that number is completely out of context. If you are making $200,000 a year and paying $80,000 in medical malpractice premiums, you are still making $200,000 a year. Businesses have a lot of expenses, as my law firm will gladly affirm. But the just providing premium data is completely out of context.