$5.5 Million Verdict in C-Section Refusal

A Queens couple was awarded $5.5 million by a hospital medical malpractice lawsuit involving injuries that occurred during childbirth.

The Business Wire article is really a press release so we don’t exactly have impartial journalists providing the information. Remember, in this post, I’m taking the press release at face value ($5.5 million verdict makes this easier), it sound like the delivering doctor’s arrogance contributed both to the woman’s injuries and the jury’s verdict. Ultimately, the claim is that the woman asked for a c-section and the doctors and nurses just ignored her.

Sometimes, I think malpractice lawyers get so bogged down in the medicine that I think there is a tendency to forget the human aspect of how juries react to doctors. This doctor apparently testified that he wondered in and out while this woman was begging for a c-section. Either he was not properly prepared to testify or the doctor was just too arrogant to control. Because you can say the same thing without sounding like a complete jerk.